PJ22 (Project 2022)

Chapter 01  —  My last memory of home


A ray of sunlight washes over my sensation, exposing me to a strong sense of nostalgia. It brings me back to that garden full of past memories.

It was filled with different blossomy flowers and plants. The scents of the white jade orchids complementing with the woods and the greens were strikingly strong but quietly relaxing enough to ignore the outside world. With the warmth of the sunlight, it felt like an escape from the reality.

But everything has changed.

That night, a man came. He set a fire to the garden. The fire spread like a stream of river. It bit and burnt all the leaves and petals without a hint of mercy. It was brutal. I should have done something to stop him, but my body stood still. The air became so muddling that even a single breath could suffocate you to death. Soon, all the greens were burnt to flaming ashes, right in front of me. As if thousands of fireflies staring predatorily at its prey. I was crushed, faming and trapped like my soul was held captive waiting to be rescued.

It was my last memory of home.






The burning eventually died out
Only left with the droplets to dry out
When it was here, my mind was absent
It wasn’t after everything was lost that I minded the present
Is livin’ a heaven or hell?

Hello? Or Hell?
If there’s really SOMEONE, why did you ever let this happen?
Memories vanished, angers engraved
Red-haired monster, you will have to pay.