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When I rushed out from the heat, the smell of the chaos crept to my lungs. It was familiar, yet uncertain. The scent of the white jade orchids and roses was slowly fading with the woods that were tortured by the burnings.

I tried to hold my breath tight but my sense of smell was hit repeatedly, relentlessly without my permission.

I was disoriented. Staring at the burnings till it all vanished. I once imagined it could all be rewritten. But nothing was left except the crackling sound from the beast.

Eau de Parfum
Made in Hong Kong with ONE DAY Perfume

*Please note that due to custom restrictions, this product is only available for orders with postal address within Hong Kong region.

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Eau de Parfum, 10ML

•    Top — Champaka
•    Heart — Rose | Smoke
•    Base — Cedarwood | Ambergris

Made in Hong Kong with ONE DAY Perfume

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